Token FGOL

Utility Token to foment Startups and promising business opportunities, developed within a highly scalable growth model.


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Fostering and Blockchain together to transform business

We are an innovative company focused on fostering the growth of startups and promising business opportunities (PBOs) through our Financial Support Token, the FGOL (Foment GOL). Our involvement in the DeFi and blockchain realms allows us to create solutions for the emerging global economy, supporting the development of companies and projects with great potential for success.

Our mission is to establish a comprehensive platform that connects startups, investors, and the Blockum DAO community, making it easier to access investment opportunities in disruptive and innovative projects. We offer our clients the opportunity to invest in the FGOL token, enabling active participation in the global entrepreneurship ecosystem and contributing to the sustainable growth of startups and PBOs.

At GoldOfir, we have formed a strategic alliance with Blockum DAO, a decentralized autonomous organization that collaborates with us in the analysis and selection of startups and PBOs for investment. This partnership ensures a rigorous and discerning selection process, maximizing the chances of success and return for investors.

At GoldOfir, we believe in building a safe, transparent, and accessible financial environment for everyone. We are committed to helping our clients become part of the next generation of the global economy, driving the growth and success of promising businesses worldwide.

About Us


GoldOfir offers a variety of services designed to help users make the most of the DeFi world, focusing on fostering the growth of startups and promising business opportunities (PBOs) through our Financial Support Token, the FGOL (Foment GOL).

We believe in collaborative work, establishing long-lasting relationships with our clients, investors, and partners, such as Blockum DAO. We are committed to innovation, quality, and continuous growth, providing useful and innovative solutions that can improve people’s lives and drive the success of the supported businesses.

We are over 350 co-founders who have collaboratively contributed to GoldOfir’s initial launch, jointly betting on the success of the business and the potential of the FGOL token.

Since its foundation in 2019, GoldOfir has been dedicated to delivering quality services in accordance with its established roadmap. However, with the advent of the pandemic and the evolution of technology, we have reinvented ourselves to move forward and achieve the proposed results for our clients, investors, and partners.

In 2023, we began strong growth, offering a diversified range of services to meet the needs of our clients and partners, connecting startups, investors, and the Blockum DAO community. We are committed to continuing to provide innovative and useful solutions that can improve people’s lives and enhance the value of the FGOL token.

Competitive Diferentials

We build our solutions to meet the most demanding levels of the market.